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Several medical practices and physicians, including some in Bethesda, are being sued by a patient who says his doctors defamed him during his colonoscopy last year.

The patient says he has a recording of his physicians mocking him and making jokes about firing a gun up his rectum while he was under anesthesia, according to his lawsuit.

The plaintiff, who lives in Vienna, Va., is identified only as D.B. in the two lawsuits he filed, which his attorney expects will be consolidated. He is suing Aisthesis LLC, Safe Sedation LLC and Safe Sedation Management LLC, all of Bethesda, plus Gastrointestinal Medicine Associates of Fairfax, Va., Solomon Shah, a gastroentorologist, and Tiffany Ingham, an anesthesiologist working for Aisthesis.

In his lawsuits, provided to The Gazette by the plaintiff’s attorney, Mike Charnoff, the patient claims he went to his doctor for a colonoscopy in April 2013 in Fairfax. He set his smartphone phone to record before the procedure to make sure he had a record of any post-procedure advice or instructions the doctors gave him after he woke up from anesthesia.

During the procedure, the lawsuit says, the patient’s phone recorded Ingham defaming him by telling the others in the room that a rash on his penis was syphilis or tuberculosis, even though he has neither disease. The suit also claims that she marked hemorrhoids on his post-operative note, even though she didn’t see any.

The suit says the doctors and medical assistants mocked the patient during his colonoscopy. Shah said a teaching physician would “eat him for lunch,” the suit says, and Ingham “jokingly discussed a hypothetical of firing a gun up a rectum,” the lawsuit says.

The plaintiff is seeking more than $5 million in damages.

Aisthesis, which is affiliated with Safe Sedation, according to its website, did not return a phone message seeking comment.

A trial is set for December in Fairfax County Circuit Court, according to the plaintiff’s attorney.