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We, the Washington DC Area 80-20 Political Action Committee (, are a group of concerned and committed citizens who are taking an active and vocal role in the political process in order to achieve true equal opportunity and equal rights for all Americans, especially Asian Americans.

On April 18, the Fairfax Times published a news article titled “TJ admissions numbers expose Continued racial disparity” [April 18]. This article concerns us deeply, as race should not be used as a factor to determine our children’s opportunity for academic excellence.

We believe that TJ, as a governor’s magnet school, should admit the most qualified students regardless of race, religion, or economic background. Any student who works hard and succeeds deserves fair treatment and equal opportunity regardless of racial background or color of skin. As President Obama once said,

“There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America—there’s the United States of America.”

FCPS, as one of the highest-achieving public school districts in the United States, must provide a supportive environment for children of all ethnicity to realize and achieve their dreams. We support diversity achieved through a level playing field and healthy competition. We support all outreach efforts to encourage any student with a passion for math and science to consider TJ as their high school option. We support all efforts to narrow the achievement gap starting from early grades. To narrow the achievement gap, schools must work together with families, communities, policy makers and other stakeholders to improve the learning environment for all our children. We will not, however, support any policies or practices that discriminate against and punish deserving candidates. Racial quotas that target specific groups are not only unfair, but also illegal, and cannot be allowed in the admissions process.

One of the key mission goals of the 80-20 DC Political Action Committee is to safeguard our children’s equal opportunities in education. We will continue to pay close attention to TJ’s admission process on behalf of the Asian American communities, and will act to address any issues immediately.

Samuel Yan, Vice President

Paul Jiang, Vice President

D.C. 80-20 Political Action Committee (DCAPAC)