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Vienna Town Council

Description: The Town Council is elected for a two-year term with a salary of $5,000 per year. The Town Council establishes town policies; passes resolutions and ordinances; approves budgets; sets tax rates; approves land use plans; and makes appointments.


Q: What do you believe is the most pressing ISSUE for the Town of Vienna? What solutions would you propose to address it?

Q: How would you deal with the PARKING situation in the Town of Vienna?

Q: What economic DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES will you propose for the Town of Vienna?

Tara L. Voigt

Party: I

Web Site:

Biography: My family and I have lived in Vienna since 2000.I have served in volunteer leadership positions at Meekins Preschool, Marshall Road Elementary and Madison HS and youth organizations including VYS and Girl Scouts. Since 2005 I have served on the Town’

ISSUE: Vienna’s ever-increasing traffic is the most pressing issue in Town.During my many years on the Transportation Safety Commission (TSC) I have seen the amount of cars on our streets increase.As a town we need to look at new,innovative ways to keep the traffic moving within Vienna.Recently the TSC approved a mini roundabout at the intersection of Park and Locust, an ‘outside

PARKING: Parking is challenging throughout Vienna.There are a number of parking lots within the Town but they can barely handle the current parking requirements.Vienna needs a parking structure and additional shared parking lots.Parking structures need to be part of any major rezoning project.Redevelopment or renovation of commercial property should include ample shared parking so

DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES: Economic development is an important part of strengthening Vienna.I support The Maple Avenue Vision. Rezoning Maple Avenue to create mixed-use developments provides an area for growth in commercial space as well as residential.The Town should provide additional incentives to encourage new small businesses to come to Vienna, helping to maintain that wonderful small town fee

Mike L. Cheselka

Party: I

Biography: Arch. Review Bd., 2013-present, Historic Vienna Inc., BOD, 2003-present, Town/Bus Liaison Comm. 2000-2002, Vienna Youth Inc., BOD 1990-1992 Musician,Vienna Theatre Co./Youth Players, 1976-2010 VYI Basketball Coach,1987-present, Married, one daughter

ISSUE: Our most pressing issue is traffic. Our Town economy benefits from commuters using our town businesses. But the downside is our neighborhood streets are being flooded with cut through traffic, with dangerous consequences. We will all have to share the pain of more traffic calming measures and street use restrictions. Stepped up safety enforcement will be essential.

PARKING: I would revisit the idea of a parking structure in the heart of our business district, no monstrosity or concrete eyesore, but a design in keeping with our Maple Avenue Vision plan. I would explore a North to South bike and pedestrian path that would end near the Silver Line stations. These options together will vastly improve the parking situation.

DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES: The Town Council and the Architectural Review Board, of which I am a member, are developing the Maple Avenue Vision. This plan will include new building height limits, mixed-use retail, restaurants, housing, and parking and will result in a more prosperous and pedestrian-friendly economy. The intent is to encourage economic growth, yet maintain our small town personality

Linda Jane Colbert

Party: I

Biography: My family moved to Vienna in 1968. I earned a BA in Math at UVA and an MA in Education at Va Tech. After teaching at Madison HS for 7 years, I became a math tutor and SAT teacher. I serve on the Transportation Safety Commission.

ISSUE: it is disheartening to hear seniors who have lived in Vienna since the 1950’s talk about moving because of the traffic, their tax burden and their property development issues. I would like to look into the tax relief program, solve traffic issues, and study the zoning and property rights of older homes.

PARKING: The Town of Vienna needs a centrally located parking garage. People could drive to town and park and then walk to nearby shops and restaurants or attend Town events. The businesses on Maple Avenue should be encouraged to have underground parking, more structured and innovative parking, or share parking with neighboring buildings.

DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES: Vienna needs to increase the commercial tax base. I support The Maple Avenue Vision. New zoning code will allow building height to increase to 54 feet and properties to create more pedestrian friendly, mixed use space. Increasing the appeal of Maple Avenue with art, outdoor eating, and new architecture would benefit our existing businesses and bring in new ones.

Edythe Frankel Kelleher

Party: I

Web Site:

Biography: Council 2002-pres. Exec Dir SE Fairfax Dev Corp. Prev: county Sup staff, prop mgr, Labor Dept economist. Vienna Green Expo, Friends of Vienna Town Green, Halloween Parade. Amer Legion Aux, Lions Club, PTA/PTSAs. Civic assn pres, Vienna Beautificati

ISSUE: Commuter traffic from Tysons and other outside developments. Widening Maple Ave would harm local businesses. Continue protecting res neighborhoods w/ traffic calming, increase accessibility for peds & bicyclists (new sidewalks, bike racks) & consider innovative measures like roundabouts. Create more walkable community, park once and go store-to-store, reduce short trips..

PARKING: Require shared parking agreements for new development with rezoning (see answer below), increase accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists, and continue to seek a place for municipal parking in our downtown. -- #1: The new Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committees will generate more ideas on this subject. -- #3: residents in Town; they are a resource for our community.

DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES: The Maple Ave Vision for mixed-use will allow proffers for shared parking, bike racks, types of uses, building design, and public spaces. Only some properties are physically able to redevelop. Residences and ground-level retail will activate the street & provide alternate type of housing for young people and seniors who tire of their house. We need to keep long-time ...

Pasha M. Majdi

Party: I

Biography: Mr. Majdi is originally from Vienna. He worked for the US Senate Committee on Energy and the Department of Justice upon graduating from George Mason School of Law, Duke University, and Thomas Jefferson HS. He and his wife Jayme have one son, Maxwell.

ISSUE: Over the next decade, Tysons Corner development can drastically change Vienna. I’m running for Town Council because I want to keep Vienna a small town. Right now the Town Council is considering rezoning Maple Avenue, and will likely vote on a new plan after the election. If I’m on Town Council, I will fight for the plan that keeps Vienna’s small town charm.

PARKING: Parking and “walkability” are critical to the future of Vienna. Instead of sitting in traffic with Tysons commuters, we should be able to park and walk up and down Maple Avenue. I support centralized parking hubs, where we can park and walk to multiple spots – not just one store or building. That way, we can stay off the road and enjoy our town.

DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES: As the Town reworks Maple Avenue, here’s the fundamental question: do you want to build a new Vienna, or do you want to keep what we’ve got and make it more accessible? Zoning restrictions such as height limits and mixed-use development should encourage small businesses to stay in Vienna, not replace them. I support keeping our shops and keeping Vienna’s small town charm.

Dennis E. Rice

Party: I

Biography: Resident of Vienna for 10 years, actively involved in the community as a VYI basketball coach, sponsor of VLL, Alternative House, Vienna Jammers, and breast cancer research. Graduate of WVU, served in the USAF, and is a custom homebuilder.

ISSUE: The most pressing Town issue is increases in our real estate taxes, which affect all residents but especially those on fixed income. The Town Council must work with the administration to reduce the tax burden on Town residents by reducing the operating budget. This can be achieved by establishing spending priorities benefiting the greatest number of Town residents.

PARKING: The Town needs to construct at least one central parking garage. The public library parking area is a potential site that should be considered, as it is central to many Town activities. The Town could also explore a public/private venture with one of the larger shopping centers.

DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES: Many businesses find the Town’s permitting process extremely cumbersome and costly. The Town Council needs to foster business friendly policies and make the business permitting process less expensive and easier to navigate. This will encourage new businesses to move into the Town, resulting in increased business revenues, and reducing the residential tax burden.