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I am very pleased to endorse Herndon Mayor Lisa Merkel for re-election on May 6.

I am proud of what Lisa has accomplished in her first term as Mayor, working hard on the issues that are important to Herndon residents. Lisa has accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments. Whether it be making infrastructure improvements, attracting new businesses, improving access to transportation, upgrading technological services, or fighting for our schools, Lisa been able to bridge the gap between talking about making improvements and actually setting the wheels of action in motion.

To cite just a few examples, under Lisa’s leadership the town has improved roadway infrastructure along Dranesville Road and Spring Street . This summer the W&OD trail will be lighted and work will begin on improving the intersection of Herndon Parkway and Sterling Road.

In the area of business and marketing, Lisa has launched a new branding initiative, launched the DineON website to promote Herndon restaurants and has hired an Economic Development manager. Over 100 new businesses have come to Herndon during Lisa’s term as Mayor.

Regarding redevelopment, Lisa’s tenacity has ensured that the Downtown Master Plan was passed and the planning for the transit-oriented development project around our future metro site has gone forward.

Lisa has been the perfect representative for Herndon, forming positive and collaborative inter-jurisdictional relationships with other governmental leaders, bringing assets to bear for the benefit of the people of Herndon. To her credit, while moving the town forward Lisa has also been able to maintain town services while keeping taxes low.

Lisa has also been an accessible and responsive leader, a welcoming person who reaches out to all, who encourages citizen involvement and who inspires others to participate in the town’s decision-making processes.

Lisa Merkel is the kind of leader that Herndon can be proud of and who gets the job done. I have been extremely happy with the direction that Lisa has taken our town and I look forward to her continuing to serve the town as our Mayor for the next two years.

Barbara Glakas, Herndon