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Q: What do you believe is the most pressing ISSUE for the City of Fairfax? What solutions would you propose to address it?

Q: Do you believe that the City should amend its charter to provide FOUR-YEAR TERMS of office for the Mayor and members of the City Council and School Board? Why or why not?

Q: What do you believe is the most important area for improvement in the City’s LAND USE regulations and procedures?

John D. Norce

Party: I

Web Site:

Biography: John Norce is a motivator, organizer and most important, a leader. He is the successful owner of a small business, a volunteer with Make-A-Wish and known as Coach to hundreds of kids. Unselfish and committed to team work, he leads by listening.

ISSUE: Simply, we have a revenue shortage. Our business taxes are lagging, thus placing more pressure on residents through increasing real estate taxes. To resolve, government must engage the businesses, the community and the EDA to create an environment for economic success. Specifically,we need to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit and reduce burdens on our job creators.

FOUR-YEAR TERMS: A: I support any initiatives that will create a sense of inclusivity for the city. Public servants are elected to represent, and therefore listen to the voters. Thus, we should allow them, not the elected officials to determine the length of their terms. If I was faced with this decision, I would push for a referendum and let the citizens decide what is best for them.

LAND USE: Government and community should be involved in all land use planning. This is part of the efforts I support in creating a livable and prosperous community. We want to be a leader in innovation that includes sensible land use for the betterment of the residents and businesses. Encouraging development and redevelopment, but accordance with the master plan.

R. Scott Silverthorne

Party: I

Web Site:

Biography: Mayor, 2012 - present; City Council, 1990-2008, 2011-12 Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, 2012-present Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, 1996 - 2008 City/University Forum 2011- present Life-long resident; B.S. Radford University

ISSUE: Quality of life in the City remains my top priority. That means leaders who put your quality of life first - ensuring safe neighborhoods, superior schools, great services, less traffic and a healthy environment. My commitment to our community runs deep. Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunity to give something back, and it’s a responsibility I take very seriously.

FOUR-YEAR TERMS: Candidates for mayor and City Council need to be good listeners. Thanks to my leadership, the community will have the ultimate opportunity to voice their opinion on 4 year terms when it’s on the November 2014 ballot. Our Charter Commission has endorsed 4 year terms, and as mayor, I felt it was an important enough matter to get input from the entire City by referendum.

LAND USE: Two key items are underway or will be underway over the next term. First, we have kicked-off a rewrite of our zoning ordinance, providing opportunity to streamline the regulatory process for business - big, small and emerging in the City. Second, we will do a major update of our comprehensive plan going forward, the guiding document for development over the next 5 years.