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Among the front page topics [in the March 28-30, Fairfax County Times] were subpar office buildings, unacceptable school buildings, maintenance needs, roads, more staff, and salary increases. I don’t disagree with most of these things, but it all leads to higher assessments, higher taxes, higher fees, etc.

But, buried on page A4, IN BRIEF, there is very disquieting news: “FCPA (Fairfax County Park Authority) has plans to replace a natural grass athletic field with synthetic turf, add a playground, dog park and picnic area, and expand a parking lot (paved of course).”

The FCPA does not reveal the cost but you can be sure it will be in the high six-figures, like $800-900,000 or more. Given our other real needs, it seems superficial works like these should not be considered.

I point out that Reston has a large dog park which is GROSSLY under-used; Stratton Woods Park has a playground that is NEVER used. It also has a 60-foot baseball field that is (almost) never used and the large, 90 foot, lighted baseball field is very seldom used.

It is clearly time to stop and rethink all the grandiose plans for non-essential items.

It is time for the Board of Supervisors to start doing its job and be a faithful and good steward of our tax and fee monies.

Gerald Douglas, Oak Hill