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Fairfax County leaders will continue to negotiate with employee unions and organizations through the fall to overhaul the county’s compensation system for non-public safety employees.

County employees are unhappy with the current pay for performance system, and County Executive Ed Long has said it is no longer financially sustainable.

Since the recession in 2007, the county executive and Board of Supervisors have been unable to find a way to keep up with the increased salary requirements of the current system. Employees have had two pay increases over the last five years and, according to employee organizations, they have fallen behind their peers in other jurisdictions.

However, a working group trying to craft a new model has failed to reach a consensus about an updated system over the past month.

“It was just not achievable to have the whole thing fixed,” said Supervisor Penny Gross (D-Mason), chairwoman of the board’s Personnel Committee and a member of the working group. She said the parties came close to reaching agreement but couldn’t quite get there.

The board will consider a 2 percent pay increase for employees in fiscal 2015 as part of budget discussions this spring. The two-year budget will also include guidance for fiscal 2016, Gross said.

In the interim, the working group will be expanded and will continue working on a longer-term fix for the county compensation system.

Gross said she hopes to have a solid proposal to bring to the board by September.