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A Nov. 5 Washington Business Journal article states that Loudoun County agreed to pay $269 million (4.8 percent of the Silver Line cost), minus the cost of its three Metro parking garages.

No agreement states that. Does the Loudoun County BOS think that? And who told WBJ that? I submit that any such claim is yet another Silver Line lie. The plan is that Loudoun County will pay $269 million, plus the cost (they think about $130 million; that is the 2011 estimate) of the parking garages.

But note that MWAA further ballooned the 2011 estimate of $130.3 million for the Loudoun County garages to $168 million — back in 2012. So if Loudoun County decides to back out of funding one, two or three of its Metro parking garages, MWAA will charge more to the project than they think. This is very possible — note that Fairfax County quietly backed out of funding the Va. 28/Innovation Station metrorail station in May of 2013. (That was kept very quiet indeed.)

It is interesting that one Loudoun County bidder is talking about $12,000 per space for the parking garages. The 2012 MWAA estimate for the Loudoun County garages is $34,015 per space, and even Loudoun County’s $130 million estimate from 2011 pegs the cost at $26,321 per space. So, where was the extra $14,321 to $22,015 per space going? With 4,939 spaces, there was a mystery $71 million to $109 million floating around. Who was supposed to pocket that?

This also makes one wonder about the MWAA estimate of $41,560 per space for the Herndon-Monroe Metro parking garage. Even Fairfax County thinks that’s high! Somebody is supposed to pocket a whole lot of money, and people should start asking questions about that, now.

Bob Bruhns, Herndon