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The Affordable Care Act is not affordable nor is it caring. When health care reform was first being discussed in 2009, many Americans hoped that Congress and President Obama would really tackle some of our country’s rising health care costs. And now that the health care law is being implemented we are disappointed that real reforms were not made.

One thing that was very important to Americans nationwide was the president’s statement on national television where we were promised that if we like our doctors and our health insurance plans nothing would change.

Millions of us relied on that assurance. However, with the rollout of the health exchanges earlier this month, we are realizing this was one more empty promise. I have talked to my friends and neighbors in the Prince William and Fairfax areas and have heard several stories of people losing their coverage.

As a mother of a family of five, I am very concerned about our health care costs and decided to visit the website. To get even less CareFirst PPO coverage that my family currently enjoys, I would need to get platinum coverage which was estimated to cost $1366.28 per month. This is about $120 more each month than we currently spend. While $120 does not seem like a tremendous amount, this is an increase would makes a significant difference in our family’s overall budget. We have already had to tighten our belts like other Northern Virginia families. The health care law was not supposed to increase our premiums for less coverage!

Shari Rendall, Manassas