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I read the column by Holly Hobbs in The Faifax Times (Feb.15-17) concerning the proposal to add 19 custodians to the staff of the Fairfax County School System.

It is certainly disgusting to go into a County facility and find the common areas unswept or the bathrooms a mess. Our children deserve the cleanest schools possible.

I would challenge the School Board’s budget that the cost would be $1,000,000! If we assume 20 custodians (to make the math easier) that makes the salary of each custodian $50,000. If the custodians worked eight hours a day and five days a week for the entire year that is $24 an hour. I assume they would not work when school was not in session so that would make the hourly rate even higher. Plus you must add benefits of maybe 15 percent.

I suggest the Board review the proposed costs. It’s a reality that people become ill and someone else has to be called in to do the work. But I wonder how the work got done five years ago? People got sick then.

Chad Hill