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The media plays a larger role in each election than it did in the last. Its influence on voters seems to increase every four years. The main issue that this presents is the effect it has on uninformed voters.

Biased ad campaigns, as well as biased news channels, can take advantage of these voters and cause them to vote for a president that is less beneficial to the voter than the other candidate.

It seems to be an increasing trend for voters to begin to focus more on social issues than view the entire spectrum as a whole. Many presidents gain votes because of their opinions on abortion or gay marriage. Although these are important issues, it is important to take into account all the factors that a president will have influence over. Uneducated, uninformed or easily influenced voters may ignore economic and foreign policy all together in order to cast a vote for a president that agrees with their social or political views.

It is important for the media to properly portray the candidates so the people will understand who they are voting for. The American political system will begin to deteriorate if media influence and the number of uninformed voters increase. The media has an opportunity to strengthen democracy if they give their unbiased opinions and deliver the facts to the voters. If we wish to uphold the glory of our government, actions will be taken to inform voters with unbiased information.

Grayson Gunderson