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200,000 jobs lost in Virginia,

Sequestration, so went the campaign spot,

Equally defense and other federal employees,

And DMV wide, 20 percent that the U.S. government contracts out.

Did DOD really need to hold a workshop about aliens from Star Trek?

Or fund on-base wine tastings, microbreweries and liquor stores?

Even Panetta says the budget can be slashed without sacrificing national security,

You can still play a round with skunks on the course!

That's great! New Yorkers and Californians Twitter different 140 character slang,

Military research on why during March Madness certain teams do better!

Or to develop an iPhone app for managing caffeine intake?

Why do they need to know the first prehistoric bird probably had black feathers?

Domestically, there are cities with half their populations on food stamps,

While for our troops, 1.5 million was spent to create a better beef jerky!

Petraeus' entourage included a gourmet chef ... a biographer mistress ...

Personal distractions with public consequences? Benghazi?

Contracting's big business; hence the term Beltway Bandits,

Creating bureaucratic layer upon layer, bloat to oversee what's farmed out,

How about a study to see if there is any value to continuing to outsource?

Or is it just about wanting to pout?

There's a lot of makeshift work for making work's sake,

Republican budget hawks need to examine what their "defending,"

Look closely, there's a huge contradiction in their position,

Lots of seat warming, redundant functions, infighting over turf never ending.

While most of the country fell off the fiscal cliff,

The military industrial complex sustained a region, a state,

Time for real jobs that produce more than paper pushing,

Wasteful spending will not help our country be great!

Prune the overgrown Mecca called Tysons,

Stop worshiping at the sacrosanct five sided alter,

No pun intended, taxpayers deserve the best bang for their buck,

A warrior welfare economy — um, the former Soviet Union — will ultimately falter.

Karen Ann DeLuca