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I would like to thank Spartans Restaurant and the Sarantis family for providing support to local history projects to educate our youth in Burke. Spartans Restaurant graciously hosted my petition drive for the historical marker project for The Coffer Home on Sunday, Nov. 18, that garnered 150 signatures in support of the history marker project for The Coffer Home, known as Woods Community Center, 10100 Wards Grove Circle in Burke.

The day also turned out to be a fun day to converse with my Burke neighbors about the old Burke road, the farmerís market in the corner, the old post office and many other local places that modern development has erased but could be maintained in our collective memories through local historical preservation and research.

Our Burke local businesses have played important roles in knitting our community together by supporting our youth athletic programs, and senior programs like the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls (BWSSCWoW) that I founded.

And Spartans has been one of the most exemplary businesses in fostering strong community spirit. On Sept. 27, 2012, it commemorated the life of its founder Chris Sarantis by donating 20 percent of the dayís proceeds to the American Heart Association. And it has regularly hosted civic programs, like the Girl Scouts, advertised community events, and supported local history projects like my petition for a historical marker for The Coffer Home.

My proposed text for the historic marker for The Coffer Home is:


The Coffer Home is on property purchased in 1803 by Francis Coffer (ca 1748 1817) whose family in 1728 received a land grant from Lord Fairfax and became prominent early settlers in the Burke area. Thomas Withers Coffer (ca 1713 1781) was Vestryman of Truro Parish with George Washington and George Mason. His son Francis Coffer was a trustee establishing in 1805 Providence (now Fairfax City). This was residence for grandson Thomas Coffer (ca 1770 - 1859), Captain in the War of 1812 whose daughter Hannah (1800 1895) married Silas Burke; purchased in 1976 by Burke Centre Partnership, renamed Woods Community Center.

If you want to support the petition for the historical marker project for The Coffer Home, you could email me at

Corazon Sandoval Foley, Burke