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I find Rebekah Hill's Letter to the Editor, “Contraceptives and Conscience” (Nov. 9-11) disturbing on many levels.

The writer starts with the premise that abortion is universally understood to be murder, thus anything that might lead to a pregnancy termination is somehow an issue of conscience, rather than a medical issue. Opinion, not based on medical fact, has no place in determining what treatment medical providers can or cannot provide. Either they accept that there will be times when a patient's request or need might go against their own personal convictions, or they need to get out of the business. Otherwise they are a danger to the public.

Contraception is just one of many prescribed drugs that when ingested could potentially end a pregnancy. But like most drugs, that is not their primary purpose. There is no reason any one drug should be withheld over another based on the potential to cause a miscarriage/abortion. Should employers now subject employees to pre-approval for any procedure or drug they may undertake, under a company-sponsored health plan, that may go against their personal viewpoint? Why just contraception?

As for things that our taxes pay for that inflict harm on living humans (and non-humans), the list is certainly long and pervasive. How about we withhold our taxes for many of those known offenders, instead of targeting women's reproductive rights in the name of personal religious beliefs?

Kim Herman, Reston