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I am a sixth-grader at Oakton Elementary School in Fairfax County. I agree with the opinion you recently published entitled “School Crowding Hurts Everyone” [Sept. 28-30]

I was in a trailer for two years in my school. The accommodations in trailers are substandard and offer minimal space for a healthy learning environment. The air conditioning is barley functional and the space is similar to that of a capsule. When the weather was cold, heat was a treat. Because we had 28 students in my class, there was no space to do group projects or anything of that relation. Also, our teacher was constantly asking us to be quiet because the thin dry wall dividers in the trailers meant noise carried easily to other classes. Finally, going to the bathroom was a 5-10 minute trek from the classroom outside to the building inside.

This year, I am finally back in a regular classroom because our school renovation is complete. I think renovating schools to make more classroom space is a great use of taxpayer money. I still have almost 30 students in my class, but since we have a regular classroom we have a much better learning environment. For example, I am enjoying interesting class discussions now that we don’t have to worry so much about always being quiet. We also have easily accessible bathrooms and good temperature control. I think renovating our school has helped all the students at Oakton Elementary. I think we should spend more money renovating schools to get kids out of trailers.

David Godin