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I was disappointed to read a recent letter from Republican Supervisor Pat Herrity in which he made the unfounded allegation that our campaign is illegally placing signs in the public right of ways [Fairfax winning battle against illegal signs]. Readers should note that Mr. Herrity offered not a shred of evidence to support the claim.

Why? Because none exists.

In fact, Congressman Gerry Connolly was the first Fairfax County official to act on the perennial nuisance of campaign signs littering our medians. As Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, he asked County Attorney David Bobzien to study the issue and determine whether the county or VDOT had the authority to remove political signs. Bobzien's study and a subsequent opinion from then-Attorney General Bob McDonnell concluded that the General Assembly would need to amend the statute to grant authority to remove political signs. Nearly five years later, Del. Dave Albo's legislation finally grants that very authority.

Supervisor Herrity, on the other hand, has spent much of his time as Springfield Supervisor running — and losing — campaigns for other offices. In each of those races, most recently his unsuccessful Congressional bid in 2010, Herrity was one of the county's worst offenders, with thousands of his signs littering our roadways. In fact, Herrity's lopsided loss to fellow Republican Keith Fimian should serve as a lesson for others running for office in Fairfax County — littering our roads with thousands of political signs is not a successful campaign strategy. It certainly did not work for Pat Herrity.

When Albo's legislation was passed, Congressman Connolly instructed our campaign to follow the law. Readers can judge for themselves by driving around the county. Are there Gerry Connolly for Congress signs littering our medians? No. We do periodically place signs in designated areas on weekends to advertise a special event or appearance by the Congressman. Those signs are always removed at the conclusion of the event. This is in strict accordance with Subsection C of H. 34 expressly allowing such "special event" signs.

Mr. Herrity either hasn't read the legislation or is merely making unfounded and baseless accusations to achieve some partisan end.

Frankly, the people of the Springfield District deserve better from their Supervisor. But, of course, Mr. Herrity has always shown more interest in running for other offices and scoring partisan points than he has in serving the people of the Springfield District.

Donald Brownlee

Connolly for Congress