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I would like to recognize and thank both the Democrat and Republican candidates and local political parties for refraining from illegally placing campaign signs in the right of way. Typically at this time in the election cycle, the roadways are littered with political signs both big and small.

This was despite the fact that the signs were illegal to place in the right of way, can be dangerous, obstruct sight distance, distract drivers and I believe are a blight on our community. They are also are costly for the state and county to deal with in these difficult budgetary times.

In December of 2011, in a bipartisan fashion, I began an effort to end the blight of illegal road signs. With the help and support of the Board of Supervisors and Del. Dave Albo, the law dealing with political signs was changed in the last legislative session to eliminate a Fairfax County exception for removing political signs. Fairfax County is now working with VDOT to sign an agreement that would allow both the county and VDOT to remove illegally placed signs and fine the offender.

In the meantime, it appears that all but two candidates, Rep. Gerry Connolly (11th CD democrat) and Patrick Murray (8th CD republican) have been abiding by the law and respecting our community. To the rest, I thank you for your respect of the law and our community. Your compliance is also saving resources at the county and state level that can be better used for more pressing matters. I would also like to thank VDOT for its support in the effort to end the blight of illegally placed road signs. While they do not have the resources to remove all of the signs, they are playing a key role in keeping the medians clear.

Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) Fairfax County Board of Supervisors