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Over the course of my seven years as a teacher and coach at Langley, I have had the privilege of working for one of the premier high schools and in one of the premier communities in the country. The countless accolades that the school and community have achieved in my tenure are too numerous to list and the pride I have in them is nearly immeasurable.

No recognition, accomplishment, or championship could compare to what all of you came together to do for our family over the course of the last six months. A faculty of hundreds, a school of thousands, and a community of even more rallied behind a girl few had ever met in an effort to support one of their own. The countless cards and emails, meals, diapers, formula, and generous financial contributions helped our family get through the most arduous experience we have ever endured.

From the selling of bracelets and laces, Hess’ Helpers, and the running of the Joe Cassella 5K, the Langley community overwhelmed us with their unwavering support. I don’t believe that simply saying “thank you” can accurately represent the feeling of gratitude my wife Suzanne and I have for all that you have done for us. For the last six months, so many people have reached out in one way or another to help our beautiful little girl and we are humbled by your compassion. Our vow is to ensure that Gianna spends the rest of her life knowing how blessed she is to be a part of the largest, most compassionate, loving, and giving family there is — yours. God bless you all.

Travis Hess

Math Teacher

Varsity Basketball Coach

Langley High School