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Banking giant Capital One is planning to convert its Tysons Corner campus into an urban neighborhood oriented to the Silver Line Metro station landing at its doorstep.

Building the expanded headquarters and an attached hotel will be the companyís first priority, according to Capital Oneís land-use representative Anthony Calabrese. But, during the course of time, the new neighborhood would include apartments, shops, parks and a community center.

The proposed 12 new buildings are laid out around a grid of four streets and, including the existing Capital One facilities, represent about 5 million square feet of development. Capital One also is proposing to construct an additional connection to the future Metro station.

The Fairfax County Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on the plans Wednesday, but deferred making a recommendation until September. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is slated to have its hearing on the application in late September.

Capital One representatives and county staff still are in negotiations in regard to some aspects of the application but, overall, the project has support from county staff and the community and is likely to move forward.

Lisa Samuels, president of the adjacent Gates of McLean community association, said most of her neighbors are excited about the amenities and transportation improvements that would come along with the Capital One property redevelopment.

ďOur little corner of the world right now doesnít offer much except a place to live,Ē she said. After redevelopment, there will be shops, restaurants and events like outdoor concerts within walking distance.

One major point of contention between staff and the landowner is at what rate Capital One needs to contribute to the Tysons road fund. They have proposed using the old, lower rate for their headquarters building, which already has zoning approval under a plan from 2000. County staff would like to see the current rate used for the entire project.

Calabrese cautioned such a maneuver would deter landowners from redeveloping under the new Tysons plan. Capital One is only the second in a series of major rezoning applications related to the Metro stations and the related vision for Tysons Corner.