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A familiar restaurant is looking to ride back into La Plata soon.

Plamondon Cos., a company based in Frederick that owns Roy Rogers restaurant franchises, is pursuing a location for a Roy Rogers in La Plata, hopefully to open by the fall, Melanie Dyer, the director of marketing for Plamondon Cos., wrote in an email Monday.

“Our previous location in La Plata did very well for us and we are looking forward to being part of the community again,” Dyer wrote.

La Plata previously had a Roy Rogers restaurant from 1983 to 2007, owned by the late Kenneth Gould Sr., where the current Walgreens pharmacy sits at 6300 Crain Highway.

His son, Ken Gould Jr., said he was happy to hear of the new Roy Rogers restaurant.

“It will be weird because I’m not associated with it. A lot of people enjoyed Roy Rogers, and I’m sure they’ll be happy that it is coming back. I think it will do very well,” Gould said.

Plamondon Cos. did not confirm the location of the new restaurant as of press time, but town documents indicate that the new Roy Rogers would go in at the former Arby’s restaurant at 6370 Crain Highway.

Gould said that from what he understood, Patience Barton, who owns the Roy Rogers in Solomons, is working with Roy Rogers corporate to refurbish the former Arby’s restaurant building, which now is vacant.

Barton couldn’t be reached for comment by press time.

Representatives from Plamondon Cos. appeared at a June 20 La Plata Design & Review Board meeting for facade enhancements and sign plan approvals, La Plata Councilman Joseph Norris said, which had to wait until today’s review board meeting for approval due to the lack of a quorum.

The review board’s agendas for June 20 and July 11 list the Roy Rogers restaurant’s location at the former Arby’s restaurant.

“I’m happy to see them coming. They were a very popular place when they were here before. A number of people have heard rumors about it, and I’m sure they’re happy about it,” Norris said, adding that the restaurant would occupy an empty building, which would get the area active again.