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1st PlaceWinner: Kat Walker

Age: 10Father: Rob Walker

School: St. Leonard Elementary

Teacher: Beth RoeSponsor: Dickinson Jewelers

Prize: Bulova Watch

My dad is a hero to me because he teaches me everything I know, like how to be nice, he teaches me to draw really well. When I’m upset he tells me jokes to make me feel better! My dad teaches me how to give to the community, like give a helping hand to the people that need help. He teaches me how to build and repair things. He taught me how to play soccer ever since I was five.

He is: smart, nice, awesome, cool, thankful, funny, crazy, inspiring, respectful, helpful, and most of all he loves his family. I know this because every day he comes home from work and is so happy to see us even if he had a bad day at work. My dad would do anything to have his family with him; even of we drive him crazy sometimes. This is why my dad is the best in the world and I love him so much and I’m thankful for him.

2nd PlaceWinner: Joshua Baker

Age: 11Father: Steven Sclater

School: Beach Elementary

Teacher: Nikki McAllister

Sponsor: Jerry’s Place

Prize: Dinner for two

My dad is the peanut butter to my jelly. He’s so special because in 2011 he got hit by a drunk driver and his car went airborne fifty feet in the air. The back seat hit the back of his head. Someone was nice enough to call the police and pull him out of his car. The next day I saw him all cut up. It was dreadful. When my dad woke up and saw me, he said, “I stayed alive for you”. Even though my dad’s back is damaged for life, he still has time to build model rockets with me. I wish every kid had a dad like mine.

3rd PlaceWinner: Keshawn Felder Brooks

Age: 10Grandfather: Vadal Brooks

School: Calvert Elementary

Teacher: Christy Lee

Sponsor: Twin Shields Golf Club

Prize: Two free weekday green fees and one 18 hole golf cart

The best dad in the world is my grandfather. He raised me because my mom needed help. My mom needed help because my dad left me when my mom got pregnant.

My grandfather is the best dad because he loves me with all his heart. He did not abandon me like my real father. He buys me stuff that I need and he does special things for my birthday. The very best thing is that he is there for me and I will always be there for him!