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Recently many news reports told us that without Metrorail’s extension into Loudoun County, the sky would fall and Loudoun would say goodbye to billions of dollars and revert back to the Stone Age.

What a bunch of hogwash.

All these claims come from a report that economist Stephen S. Fuller admits was funded by rail station landowners. Does anyone else get a funny whiff of something here?

Fuller appears at first glance to be an objective university professor speaking out about Metro benefits, but the truth is he’s a lobbyist that’s also related to rail investors.

He is a “Dwight Schar Faculty Chair” and Dwight Schar’s son-in-law is a Principal of Comstock Partners, which is highly invested in Dulles Rail Corridor projects.

A little research on who Fuller also represents produced a list from his George Mason University biography webpage. His past and current positions include: NAIOP Distinguished Fellow from 2001 through 2008 (trade association for developers, owners and investors in industrial, office and related commercial real estate); CFO Advisory Group of the District of Columbia (DC wants to milk the Loudoun cash cow); Board of Directors of the Global Environment and Technology Foundation (globalist environmental lobbyists focused on “Sustainable Development” such as Moorefield Station and other Transit Oriented Development; Board of Directors of Tompkins Builders Inc. (specializing in high-end condominiums and massive government buildings); economic advisor to Fairfax County (Fairfax wants to milk the Loudoun cash cow); Board of Directors of the Fairfax County Convention and Visitors Authority (FCCVA wants their visitors to have rail access to the airport); and Cardinal Bank Chief Economist (Cardinal has financial ties to Comstock Properties).

It is clear Fuller represents the pro-rail lobby, particularly those with investment interests and those with a globalist environmental agenda. A Republican Board of Supervisors elected on a platform of being limited-government conservatives shouldn’t listen to any of his advice.

Like many media propaganda outlets, liberal politicians and lobbyists, Fuller fails to cite any sources or documentation for his claims.

He states, “All the forecasts for the County’s future economic growth include the provision of Metrorail service.” If so, his claim that removing Metro from the forecasts would decrease economic growth is - without evidence.

This is the biggest decision the Loudoun Board of Supervisors has ever faced; it deserves to be made with an honest assessment of all the facts.

D. Siecker, Purcellville