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In tumultuous times, it is especially important to know who looks out for your best interests, for your family and our community.

Delegate Hugo’s (R-Dist. 40) attempt to confuse and confound us through his commentary titled, “Taxpayers should oppose an additional $300 million for Dulles Rail” reveals his lack of loyalty and focus.

Community and business leaders across the political spectrum agree we need effective solutions to the traffic challenges confronting Northern Virginia.

We agree the Silver Line remains an important piece of our future strategy. The primary question has been how to fund, not whether to proceed.

Bottom line: Hugo prefers putting a heavier funding burden on families and businesses in Northern Virginia.

Democrats want to broaden the funding source, and thereby lower the local burden presented by this vital project.

It is in our community’s and our Commonwealth’s best interests to efficiently strengthen the engines of our future economy.

Not one of Hugo’s excuses explains why he votes against lowering the cost burden on Northern Virginia taxpayers, commuters and voters; why he stands against broadening the funding source.

He cites the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s board composition as an excuse for his vote against our community’s best interests, and fails to identify changes he wants to see.

Does Hugo want to see MWAA terminate the 50-year lease and return Dulles International and Reagan National airports to the Federal Aviation Administration before June 2037?

I do not know; he did not offer any solutions to address the concerns he presented.

According to Hugo’s commentary, the Virginia Department of Transportation identified $5.4 billion in savings MWAA perhaps could realize by restructuring its debt.

In Hugo’s view, possible savings mean Northern Virginians should be stuck with paying a higher portion of costs. I assert we should share the burdens, as well as the rewards.

With Northern Virginia politicians like Hugo, who needs the Southern Virginia delegation?

Will Radle, Fairfax