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The town of Herndon is facing an important crossroad.

Should voters continue on the path set out by Mayor Steve DeBenedittis or should we veer off on a different path?

DeBenedittis chose not to run for a fourth term because he thought building a dynasty in town by staying in office repeatedly was not in the best interest of the electorate.

He served for three terms, which started when he faced and solved the chaos and disruption of six years ago. This enabled the town to move forward toward much larger goals like redeveloping our downtown area near the old town hall and planning for the Metro’s advance to Dulles International Airport.

The Lisa Merkel team is seeking to establish a Chicago-style stronghold in town. Their internal memos verify this and, if elected, the team machine would be closely managed by Fairfax County Democratic Chairman Cesar Del Agular.

Jasbinder Singh and Merkel both show sympathy to reviving the illegal day labor site. Indeed, they both voted to water down the solicitation ordinance and to rescind DeBenedittis’ membership on the Culpepper Coalition, a group of small towns who meet together to discuss and strategize ways of dealing with illegal immigration issues. Crowded housing rules would be relaxed too, causing problems leading to blight and unhealthy lifestyles.

Can you say sanctuary city?

This chaos existed in 2004 and 2005, and was tolerated under former Mayor Mike O’Reilly. Ask yourself: Are we better off now then we were six years ago?

If you think we’ve improved during the DeBenedittis years and would like it to continue, then consider Bill Tirrell for mayor. He has served more than 20 years on town boards, the Planning Commission and the town council for 12 years. That is compared to only one two-year term for Merkel and two years for Singh.

Tirrell is a far more effective leader and thinker. Also consider (to work with Bill Tirrell on the council) these independent minded candidates: Dave Webster, a lawyer with great skills, long-time council member Connie Hutchinson and former councilmen Dave Kirby and Charlie Waddell.

This group would be responsive only to the people who elected them and not a political machine that seeks power at the expense of those governed.

Tony DeBenedittis, Herndon