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The Maryland Independent got it right in Friday’s editorial, “Leaders behaving badly” [April 20]. The current Charles County commissioners are establishing themselves as a divided, contentious and sometimes juvenile body that never fails to entertain.

The bickering that the Independent cites seems to have no end and has illustrated the allegiances that are clear within the commission. President Candice Kelly and Commissioner Ken Robinson clearly think alike. On the other hand, Commissioners Debra Davis and Reuben Collins agree on most every issue. Commissioner Bobby Rucci doesn’t appear to stand for much of anything.

And, of course, the divisive issues like free luxury SUVs, the alleged vindictiveness and unilateralism of President Kelly, questionable use of filming staff, use of voter lists or ethics questions all give cause to shake one’s head. All of the ingredients seem to be there for a real circus atmosphere.

Not quite so humorous is that on the same page, the Charles County branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People feels it necessary to weigh in on the issue in quite a distasteful way. In the letter to the editor, “NAACP supports Davis in commissioner fracas,” the local group publicly supports Davis in the latest round of bickering.

They make a good case against Kelly. But why support Davis? Well, according to the NAACP, President Kelly is a racist. Wow. Just when I thought I had seen it all, enter this group with completely unfounded allegations. Their evidence? Candice Kelly once called Debra Davis’ law school “Mickey Mouse.” Davis is black; Kelly, therefore, is a racist?

Shame on you NAACP. Not only is your reckless accusation of racism laughable, you have harmed your credibility and have brought nothing to the public discourse. In fact, you have made it worse.

Jeff Preston, Waldorf