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A major redevelopment proposal for Reston’s Fairway Apartments has been approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors after an initial decision was deferred in March.

The aging apartment complex, off North Shore Drive and across from Lake Anne Elementary School, is composed of 18 three-story buildings comprising 348 apartments.

Many Reston residents have voiced opposition to the redevelopment that would more than double the complex’s density, and have spoken out against it at public forums for nearly three years. Others have supported it.

Property owner — JBG Companies — has been proposing, amending and re-amending its redevelopment proposal since 2009.

On April 10, supervisors approved the seventh incarnation of JBG’s proposal unanimously; all eight members were present for the vote.

In February, JBG unveiled its most recent revision — based on a Cubist design and governed somewhat more by architectural designs already evident in Reston — to the Reston Design and Review Board. The final proposal calls for the construction of 804 new units.

“There is some precedent in Reston for this design,” Bailey Hopple, of JBG, told the design board in February.

JBG also said in February it would incorporate more than 38 percent of overall open space in the new complex, including two centrally-located wooded areas, enhanced pedestrian connectivity, and more than 47,000 square feet of preserved tree canopy.

It also said it planned about 80 of its muliti-family units for use as rent-controlled apartments reserved for “work force housing.” An additional seven units also would be reserved as “affordable dwelling units” to meet county housing requirements.

On March 20, Supervisor Cathy Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) asked the Board of Supervisors to defer a decision pending further review of the work force housing issue.

However, because the plan is not a rezoning, JBG is not required to provide any mandated level of work force housing, and work force housing was not a development condition of the board’s approval on April 10.

In the end, Hudgins and the board only required modification of some loading space requirements and uses of an underground storm water management vault. As part of its approval, the board also granted JBG a Public Facilities Manual waiver allowing the use of pervious pavements for parking spaces, walkways and pedestrian plazas. It also allowed the waiver of a zoning ordinance to allow JBG to construct a private residential street greater than 600 feet in length.

“We are pleased with our recent approval of the new vision for Fairway. This approval is the latest demonstration of our long-term commitment to Reston,” said JBG spokesman and Principal Greg Trimmer. “We are proud that the approved plan embraces the beauty of North Shore Drive and the golf course, is compatible with our neighbors, and consistent with Reston’s vision for the greater Lake Anne district.”