Trolley museum reclaims piece of history -- Gazette.Net


A piece of Washington, D.C., trolley history is back at the National Capital Trolley Museum in Silver Spring, almost a decade after a fire destroyed much of its collection.

In September 2003, four cars were lost in a fire at the museum, including a vintage 1899 snow sweeper that operated on trolley lines across the area. On March 20, the museum accepted delivery of a trolley car from the same line, after a trade with a museum in Iowa.

“I tell people it’s a bit eerie to be at the new facility and see one of the cars that was lost at the old facility in the new space,” said Wesley Paulson, the museum’s director of development. The museum reopened in 2010 in a new building near its original Bonifant Road location. “It’s a good feeling at the same time.”

The fleet of street sweepers served the Capital Transit Company for 63 winters until the end of street car service in Washington, D.C., in 1962. Visitors can get a glance of the trolley during scheduled tours of Street Car Hall. The museum, at 1313 Bonifant Road, is open weekends from noon to 5 p.m.