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Fattening foods impact the youth more than any age group. The school’s vending machines cause a huge problem in America’s economy, education and health.

The poor economy we face today has no room for useless spending. Children do not realize the importance of nutritional value and especially the cost of it. Think about all of the dollars your children take from your wallet to spend on Twinkies at the school’s vending machine.

What a waste!Vending machines contain sugar-filled candy, which is appealing to children. The sugar gives the child a large boost of energy, causing the children to become hyper and overactive. The result is poor performance in class.

Vending machines are one of the main reasons for the obesity of America. Unhealthy snacks in vending machines are too available to children who do not understand nutrition. The ingredients in the snacks contain preservatives and, when consumed, they turn to fat.

The most popular items sold in the vending machines are soft drinks, which result in many diseases such as those of the heart, arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The junk food in the vending machines causes poor health among the youth of America.

Parents, take initiative. Packing your child’s lunch will solve many problems. You will know what your child is eating and how much it costs. Also, teach your child about nutrition and personal health. Teach him or her to read labels and recognize what the ingredients do to one’s body.

By keeping your child informed, he or she will learn to make his own healthy choices.

Liz Leavenworth, Fairfax Station