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Although most new laws in Virginia take effect on July 1 of the year in which they are passed, others — particularly tax laws — dont go into effect until the new year.

The following new provisions of state law went into effect Sunday:

Autism coverage: Insurance companies now are required to cover certain types of therapies and treatments for autism spectrum disorders.

Tax law: Tax credits for longterm care insurance premiums increase to 30 percent of the amount paid. There also is a new tax credit to offset telework-related expenses — as much as $1,200 per employee and $50,000 per employer.

Electoral boards: A provision was added that prevents the immediate family members of any officeholder or candidate from being appointed to the electoral board in that jurisdiction.

Prisons: The Department of Corrections now is required to set aside 10 percent of each inmates income, from any source, in a personal trust account. Once there is $1,000 in the trust account, the inmate can opt to continue adding to the trust account or to put all funds in his or her other personal account.