Shamus Fatzinger
Photo Editor   |   Email:   |   Phone: 571-323-6235

The year was 2000. For me it not only marked the start of a new millennium but a year that launched a career at the Fairfax County Times that would take me to places and introduce me to people I could never have imagined. This wonderful thing called photojournalism has provided me with the unique opportunity to step into people’s lives and share their stories with the world. I have been invited to witness the good times and the bad. I have documented the celebration of new life and the sorrow that lingers after death. Working with such great reporters and editors ensures that our stories serve as a record of life in present day Fairfax County. As far as photography goes, I would argue that it doesn't get any better than photojournalism. Especially in a community so diverse as Fairfax County. The variety of people, cultures and photography is vast, ranging from portraiture to food photography to sports to my favorite, just being "a fly on the wall." I have won many photo awards during my time here but none are as rewarding as knowing that many of my photos were placed on refrigerators and pasted into scrapbooks across the county, a clip of yellowed newsprint with one of my photos on it will be cherished for years to come by someone who let me photograph them.