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As the pandemic rages on in our country, the VHSL has no definitive answer as to whether fall sports will come back into play. Although Virginia is now in Phase 3 of reopening, there are many questions about safety. The executives of VHSL still have meetings this month and in August to formu…

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If you were worried about getting good workouts in during the pandemic, then worry no more. As of two weeks ago, many gyms throughout Northern Virginia have reopened. But there are still some guidelines to follow for the patrons. One of these fitness centers is Onelife Fitness that has sever…

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Edible landscaping can be practiced in several ways. On a small scale, window boxes, containers and hanging baskets are some methods for growing ornamentals and edibles together. Raised beds and planting in the ground are not to be overlooked if space is available. Keep in mind when planting…

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It is going to be hot and humid for the next several days. With that in mind, everyone needs to remember a potential danger that can impact young children. Did you know that a car’s temperature can rise over 20 degrees in ten minutes? Or that the temperature inside your car can reach 110 deg…



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